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Gaia Online Cheats Hack Tools Gaia Online Cheats Hack Tools

About The Game

The currency employed in Gaia is understood as “Gaia Gold”, normally named as gold. Gold is often distributed to users as they browse round the web site, post within the forums, play games, and participate in different varied events and contests; the location additionally rewards users on a daily basis with random gold or things from the Daily likelihood. In Gregorian calendar month 2007, Gaia free another virtual currency referred to as Gaia money, which may be purchased with real money; $1 USD is akin to a hundred Gaia money. Gaia money cards is bought at ceremony Aid, Wal-Mart, Target stores, 7-11, Speedway SuperAmerica, Blockbuster, and GameStop. Gaia money cards square measure offered in $10 and $25 amounts. On June 21, 2010 7-11 stopped stocking the $10 Gaia money cards. Gaia money Cards embody a PIN that may be used at the web site to redeem the card’s Gaia money worth. Gaia money also can be bought through mobile phone payments, or directly from Gaia itself.